Hydro dipping equipment

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Hi everyone. Looking to expand our apparel decorating business. Hydro dipping will be our next step and we are looking for the best equipment and consumables available. Any help is appreciated. We will also be doing training somewhere. That place has yet to be determined as well. Any recommendations on that would be appreciated. 
Thank you


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    Check used equipment on the forum. Some ppl are selling nice set ups at half the price.  Where is your location
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    We are in northern IL. I will check out the forums. Are there brands that are better than others? Thanks
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    If you are just starting out how are you going to train others when it takes a while to learn this process?  Are you going to be using automated equipment or actual people to dip?
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    Ouch, there is a small misunderstanding there @looch He was gonna take training from some undetermined training facility in the future after he gets his shop set up.

    I suspect @russ is wanting to get in on the ground floor of the shoe decorating craze. That's really the only apparel decorating that needs to be done with hydrographics.
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    I suggest going to training first. I tried on my own first and after training realized I didn’t have the equipment needed. I purchased a lot of stuff twice. 
    Also one of the guys in the class decided it was not for him after realizing all that was involved. He didn’t do his homework and did not realize he had to paint. 
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    @studebaker ooops bad day and arguing with people on another forum that say they have a thriving business dipping with rattle cans. @russ like @Trouble said I'd take a class first not only will it teach you how to do this process but give you a basic idea of what you need to buy
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    Maybe you were really having an argument on the definition of the word thriving....eh?
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    I suspect @russ is wanting to get in on the ground floor of the shoe decorating craze. That's really the only apparel decorating that needs to be done with hydrographics.

    Could be hats...

    I also would suggest going to some good training first as well. There are several forum sponsors that do training. I personally would suggest either K2concepts himself (out in Cali) or Big Brains in Louisiana. There are others, I think one is kind of close to you.

    Doing this JUST for apparel? I would look REALLY hard at the ROI.

    This, if done right, is expensive to set up. If NOT done right, then it's REALLY expensive to set up.


    If your doing it JUST for apparel.. won't need a paint booth. Or paint. Or know how to clear coat. No sand blaster. No paint guns...

    Compressor would really just need to be large enough to handle activation. And if you went with a Brain Pot.. even smaller compressor and much less ventilation...

    Biggest cost really would be deciding how big a tank do you want.. going to be doing 1 item at a time? Or making a jig and doing multiple items at a time?

    A lot of people make their own rinse tank... a lot of people buy them. Your choice.

    Wherever you go to training, I would make sure they know UP FRONT what your business plan is... if you have NOT learning how to paint and/or clear coat.. probably even just 1 day of training... meh, maybe 2 and have them help design/build jigs that can dip multiple items (of the same thing)..

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    For most appeal I think DTG printing would be way better than Hydrographics. It would coat less and easier to learn easier to train employees in the future. You can get the same  patterns that are used with film.  @studebaker can help you out with the patterns. We are looking into the possibly adding this to our existing business. I even came across a printer that will print on round objects. 
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    @russ I have my entire 10' tank/setup for sale for a fraction of what I have in it. I have it listed in the used equipment section/posting, in case it is of interest. Thanks!
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