An Artist working with hydrographics....

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    Also, a note about this artist.... He's giving classes to do this and it's limited to eight people each session. He makes MORE from selling the classes than selling decorated shoes. He is WAY smarter than me!

    I hope some of you guys will recognize a good thing when you see it! Don't be complaining about the passing fad of Yeti Cup decoration and the fact you can't sell your dipping tank. Creat your market and own it!
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    Had a guy that does custom shoes contact me yesterday. He was wanting me to train him and was wanting to do production work with custom film. Shoes are not my thing I have only done a few. Our conversation stopped when I told him to expect to invest at minimum of $30,000 not counting a printer. He questioned the amount and I never heard from him again. Boy was I off by a lot. Guess all he was really needing was a trip to the dollar store to buy some totes and a cheap airbrush.
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    @Trouble Did he want you to train him for free?
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    @studebaker thinking he wanted someone to do some work and train him. I'm too busy to take on any more work so I gave him the names of a few training places and never heard from him again once I mentioned $30000 start up cost.
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