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Ive been buying my film in South Carolina from dip123. What is the best film to use. It does ok but i think it could be better.


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    Dip 123's film is the same film from China that almost every vendor buys and resells. The quality of customer service, exclusive patterns and price is what differentiated the different sellers from one another.

    I too wish the ink was able to jump onto my decorated object without any skill set! That would be awesome!

    But the most important part about your question is that you've started a new conversation about the standards we would like to see improved in the general run of the mill film.

    I'll start it off.... I would like to see 40 mil film hydrate at the same speed as 30 mil film.
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    There film is not bad. I guess i was woundering if there is better film out there. I guess i will order from different vendors and go from there. Thanks for the info. All you guys are a great help to us beginners 
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    Studebaker is correct that the generic patterns all come from the same place.

    If you are having trouble it is probably not the film. There are a few good post that will tell you what info to include with your picture so the guys here can diagnose your problem.

    You will not find consistency no matter who you purchase your film from. I find some of the black patterns are better for beginners. Marble splash is a easy one. Stick with the forum sponsors for great service.

    If you are using aerosol activator that is likely your problem.
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    Im using super brew and im just getting back into dipping and i just wanted to know if the was a better film out there. My dipping wadnt bad when i was doing it. Jim gave me alot of pointers. Thanks for the info though.
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    Im going to purchase his guns with different tips and see how that does. Been using 2 from home depot. Like i said thanks again.
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    @diptechman If you want to save a lot of money in the long run get a Devilbiss GPI from Jim Mine paid for itself in a very short time with less error and touchups.
    I use superbrew on trouble films works great on the custom and thinner films for the rest I use something stronger. I keep several activators in the shop and find this better than one activator fits all. We keep SuperBrew (custom film and some light prints), Dipjuice or Mossy Sauce for almost everything else. And I still have some Hydrovater.
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    A particular film, stored properly, will be the same from just about any supplier. It's made in the same Chinese factory as the other guy's film. It's like wanting to buy a Toyota Corolla from a different dealership looking to find a "better" Toyota Corolla. They're all the same, just maybe a slightly better/worse price.
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