K2 Concepts Breaks Down DIY 2 Stage Filtration Vac


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    Lots of videos on YouTube and ideas on Pinterest on upgrades to the HF system. Essentially all of them add a pressure drop canister to the incoming air to drop heavy particulate out before it gets to the impeller.
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    The angles of incoming air and the cone make a difference of how fine dust it will collect. This system collects talc-fine powder and I used one as a pre-filter for many things from my woodworking tools and sanders, to my old Grizzly dust collector. They just flat out work. They're not exactly cheap, for a 2" inlet and 5-gal bucket size, the $49.95 version would be just fine.
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    They even have 5” and 6” system now. That would be awesome for use before the harbor freight collector w a high efficiency bag filter, for those of you who can’t exhaust outside. Would catch a lot before it ever got to the collection bags.

    But of course if you can extract he large particles then exhaust outside? Then it’s a non issue. If you have to exhaust into your shop? I think a dust deputy first, then the harbor freight w the high quality replacement bag would be the way to go.

    Check out the user setup photos on this page: https://www.oneida-air.com/dust-deputy/super-dust-deputy-5-inch-cyclone-separator
    Good ones of someone using the 5" in front of their dust collector
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    This, in my research, is the best bang for your buck. That is, if you're very serious about dust collection. It is designed by Bill Pentz. I found his site after a bout with Exotic Wood on my lathe. I used African Blackwood, Desert Ironwood, Querbracho, stabilized Exotic Woods and THE worst, Cocobolo as well as some others. I got very sick and researched dust collection and lung damage at Bill Pentz' site. You can Google it. These are professional systems for the smaller shop. I bought their most powerful model. I think initial investment can be lower that $1k. Clear Vue Cylcone Dust Collection is a fantastic company to work with. I haven't got sick since. Well, that and a Trend Airshield Pro (around $300) to protect me as well.

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