10' PA Hydrographics tank and setup for sale

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(UPDATED 1/13/20) - I have the following setup for sale. Will have to pick up in Nicholasville, KY (just outside Lexington, KY). If I have to ship it the purchaser will have to pay for the cost to build a crate, pick-up, and freight to the destination.

* 10' Tank - PA Hydrographics tank with touch-screen control panel. Purchased new from PA Hydrographics June 2016.
* (3) Iwata Air Gunsa spray guns; one has only been used for activator, one has been used for paint, and the other has been used for clears (the clear gun could use a rebuild). Purchased June 2016.
* Activator - (2) gallons of HydroVator (unopened), (1) gallon of K2 Brew, and (1) pint of Mossy Sauce.
* (1) gallon (unopened) European gloss clear coat (includes activator)
* (1) quart Graffiti Gloss clear coat (almost a full quart; only tested the clear on small item).
* Lots of film (carbon fiber patterns, two or three Mossy Oak versions, digicamo patterns, skulls, American flags, Oil slick, wood grains, metals, diamond plate, camo patterns, random/decorative patterns, and lots more. Also including unopened 60m roll of Dark Pine wood grain, unopened 10m roll of stainless steel, unopened 70m of custom printed distressed barnwood, and others.
* Misc. Kansas Hydrographics DTP paints (quart and pint sizes, some unopened)
* Mossy Oak Paints - (1) pint beige, (1) pint Mint, (1) quart Nomad
* 3M PPS cup/adapter
* Mixing/ratio cups
* 3M PPS cup liners and lids (full pack)
* Lots of dipped speed shape samples (ready for display)

This setup is available for $9000 USD (based on customer picking up everything from our shop).

TANK ONLY OPTION - $6500 USD (based on customer picking it up; it is already on a skid with casters.

Here are some pictures and I can provide others if needed.

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