Stainless Steel Braided Hose

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All the carbon fiber patterns that China produces and not one single Stainless steel braided hose pattern, until now. WooHoo!

The Chinese printers watch my site very carefully for inspiration, (your welcome) so it may be showing up in some catalogs pretty soon. :-) But if you need it before then, ask your favorite custom film printer to make it for you.


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    @studebaker I like that, we may need to talk about this one sir. 
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    I saw a show car with gold plating under the hood (read Bling!) and I was inspired to make this pattern just for that kind of car... You can think of it as a gold carbon fiber or a Gold Braided Hose pattern.

    Sure Michael @BCHydrographics I am at your beck and call, and thank you for downloading the free seamless camo pattern posted on another page. That was nice to see.

  • BCHydrographicsBCHydrographics Posts: 58Member
    @studebaker thank you sir for putting that pattern out there, I’m always looking for something different than the norm to offer to my customers. 
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    The Chinese printers watch my site very carefully for inspiration, (your welcome) so it may be showing up in some catalogs pretty soon. :-)

    I wish they would pay more attention to your site instead of the crap they are kicking out now days...
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    Yeah, @K2Concepts I would be happy if they just paid the whole nine dollars for the pattern instead of making a low-quality copy to save that tiny amount of money.

    Heck, ANYBODY can buy a pattern from the site and send it to China for mass production! Hint, Hint, film vendors... It sure would be nice if somebody gave TWN a run for their money. Shaun Naughty sure did well from their exclusive patterns that weren't designed in a Chinese mind first.
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    Shawn Naughty WAS and still IS an ego-driven self-centered piece of human refuse...and don't kid yourself...that guy ripped off everyone else for ideas...I was on the front lines of all that when he decided he was going to be "The Next Big Thing" in films...and obviously, he didn't have any new ideas or he would have kept it going...finally everyone got tired of his crap and his business went right in the toilet...where he came from in the first place...and you can thank him for the whole $25 a meter thing...thanks again for THAT wonderful highjacking...
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    Wow! That is a STRONG assessment! I hope to hear more details about that. It should be really interesting.

    Speaking of that try out this website:
    And try this alternate spelling one too while your're at it.
  • K2ConceptsK2Concepts Posts: 13,920Administrator El Jefe
    @studebaker Yea man I am sorry but that dude...really makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand straight up...I know far too many people who got into this industry and then got "hosed" by that guy and his wife...they are truly pathetic human beings...I got some stories that will make you fall off your chair because of how high and mighty this dude acted and why it cost him everything in the end...

    And here is the kicker...There is a certain dude who had a falling out with happens...the guy got hooked up with Shawn and because this guy was close to me? I think Shawn thought it was some kind of a feather in his hat that he now was friends with my friend or something stupid like forward a couple of years and the friend and I patch things up and he actually was the first moderator on this forum...Shawn was LIVID!...All kinds of "Sleeping with the enemy" barbs and accusations...just for helping me start the forum...but that's the interweb for ya right?...

    Fast forward a couple of years and ShawNaughty loses his business and sells what little he has to surprise there...Knowing Mike it probably cost TWN a $1...

    Then this mutual friend loses everything in the Paradise Fire...and almost lost his wife for that matter because the fire was THAT close to taking her out...they both made it and the family friend gets a call from Shawn...and he sees that it is the dude thinks "The guy wants to bury the hatchet and move on by reaching out to me in my time of tragedy" right? SO he answers the phone and they have a decent conversation...My buddy doesn't even hang up the phone and Shawn is on FaceBook bragging about how great of a person he is by reaching out to this guy and how "You have to keep your friends close and your enemies closer" buddy was beside himself...apparently there is no rock low enough for Shawn to crawl out from under...dude is a reptile...

    I mean my buddy almost lost his life...his wife and possibly the kids...he was left with the clothes on his back and NOTHING else...and Shawn used that tragedy as an opening to exact his revenge...That's the kinda crap Dumas novels are written about...Talk about revenge being a dish best served cold...

    And that's just ONE story...I don't know of anyone who isn't better off that Shawn is no longer in their lives...
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    I just loved all of his "custom" designs... You know, all the art that was ripped off real artists and Shawn had the artistic vision to be able to have it printed on film. That sort of stuff is expected from China, but it is pretty ballsy to try it here.
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