Activator gun operating pressure

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Hi guys,

I am having trouble finding the right spray gun. This forum helpt me finding what I need, but I can't translate it to find it in Holland.

So I want to work somewhere between 8 and 15 psi, but all the spray guns I find (in paint shops) have the following specifications:
Operating pressure: 30psi

Is this just not the right one? Or is operating pressure not the spec I need to look at?

Thanks for helping :)


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    MCdyna said:

    So I want to work somewhere between 8 and 15 psi, but all the spray guns I find (in paint shops) have the following specifications:
    Operating pressure: 30psi

    The 30psi would be for paint... activator is not paint :) It's much much thinner.. almost like paint thinner.
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    Okay so this indeed is just not the thing I am looking for.
    I wasn't sure if I was reading the specs wrong, but thanks  I will look on other type of websites 
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    Do you have a link to the gun? Typically any good quality spray gun will work for activator. You may not be able to find the actual guns we mention on this forum, but I believe the Devilbiss GPI does exist in Europe. If I remember correctly, @AquaGraphix could probably help you out with that.
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    The best activator paint style gun is the Devilbiss GPI it is specifically made for activator and Jim here at K2 can hook you up. I now have a pot system like the Brain pot. They are expensive but less error and you use less activator.
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    When I find specific activator guns they usually don't show any specs. Only on Aliexpress they show, and the maximum operating pressure is 150psi, so even much more than the 30 psi I can get in Holland.
    So this should mean that a gun with a higher operating pressure can be adjusted to 10 psi by the wheel maybe?
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    @MCdyna you need to do some more research my friend. That is basic paint gun operation. Look up videos on gun setup, particularly the videos that Jim posted on activator gun setup
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    "Maximum" pressure is not the same as normal operating pressure. Just like in your car. It may have a top speed of 160MPH, but you wouldn't drive it that fast normally. You want to use a low a pressure that will completely atomize the activator. Test it on a piece of cardboard or paper. It should only be spraying tiny droplets as a mist, not larger droplets of spatter. The GPi mentioned above is the best for activator because it can properly atomize it at about 8psi. Lower pressure means less waste as over spray and less distortion in the film from being blown around on the surface of the water. Anything under about 12-15psi would be adequate.
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    @MCdyna ALL guns are going to show around 30 PSI or 2 BAR...thats what the guns are designed for based on the paint manufacturers specifications...we adjust the guns down based on our will not find a spray gun designed to operate at the low pressures our needs you will just have to buy one and test it...I recommend a GPi from @AquaGraphix because they are simply the best spray gun out there for what we use it are going to be around 8 to 10 PSI...

    As for Spray Pots?...My experience has been less than satisfactory...we did not use less activator and because we use so many different films per day? Changing out the activator was a with making adjustments in our activator it sits in the corner gathering's fun to look at
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    Soo. I am still searching (in the Netherlands it is so difficult..)
    Anyway  I found a spray gun with an air consumption of 2 - 3 CFM that would be worth a try right? 
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    So I found a few with the right air consumption, but all of them have have a 1mm nozzle. When I select a 1,3 or 1,4 nozzle this changes..

    Should I search further or take the 1 mm? 

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    Nozzle size is determined by how much material you need to throw at the part. With paint, a gun that small would be good up until a part the size of a front motorcycle fender, or a Yeti cup. For activator it would work if you are only using 50cm film, but you will have to be pretty good with your technique. If you are going to do 1m films, you will need a bigger gun.
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    1.0 is a little small for can be done but I would not attempt it...the chances for under activation go up demonstrably when you reduce the tip size to that small...good for paint and clear...but for activator application? Not so much...
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