Liquid concept tank with all equip for sale $7,000

Liquid Concept hydro dipping tank The dimensions are INSIDE dipping area dimensions: 72"x43"x36
* 5’ long sand blast cabinet with dust collector
* approx 40 meters of film various styles
* 2 develbliss paint guns with cups
* several gallons of paints, thinners, and activator
* approx 20-25 stainless steel cups, ( RTIC, ozark trail)
* 30 rolls of masking tape
* numerous Harley Davidson parts, helmets
* 1- 3' stainless steel work table
This is over $14000 worth of equipment for half the price asking $7,000
This is everything you need to start a business!
Feel free to contact me @ 337-317-1114 or [email protected]


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