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If you've followed my new members intro/post then you have a good idea of where i'm starting and what i'm trying to achieve at this point. While I am waiting for parts to rebuild my compressors, I've been figuring out what to do for a paint booth. Then i came across @Spinner Video in the member video section and was impressed with the layout and in particular his JC Metal bench paint booth was perfect!

My plan was to take this design (JC-B-4) and use the dimensions to build it out of 2x4's and 1/2 plywood and leave a couple strips of plexi-glass for lighting on the top and sides. Instead of the tube axial fan, I plan on purchasing a squirrel cage blower to save some additional costs. There are a couple of reasons for this, 1) I'm just starting out and have a large learning curve in painting and figuring out HVLP guns, 2) I will be painting small(er) parts, 3) At this time it's only a hobby, i have limited space and money. With that said, i know these are NOT explosion proof but with the small amount of painting, the planned filtering, and the fact i'll likely be starting out with water based paints I should stay well below the LEL.

Now for some of the design, the largest airflow blowers I've come across for 1PH 120VAC are the Dayton 1TDU1 (990CFM) and a 1TDU2 (1200CFM). I WAS leaning more towards the 1TDU1 as it draws almost half the amperage, but by the calculations I've seen this may be a quite under sized since the booth opening is basically 4'x4'. Even the 1TDU2 is a little undersized so i'm going to shrink the booth dimensions to 3'6" and should be about spot on with the minimal airflow of 100 FPM (12.25X100=1225). I'm going to mount the blower on the bottom of the box (behind the filter section) and transition it to a 6" duct to run out and under may garage door. Since this is being done in the 3rd bay of my open garage, i will also be putting up a divider curtain between it and the other 2 bays. This was the plan anyway for HVAC controls (garage is currently non heated) as this is my working bay will the other 2 house the family vehicles. The divider curtain should keep any over spray that may occur contained to the area.

I'm actually also planning a block of plate for in front of the filters and adding another 6" duct connection with block off plate so when i'm not painting, i can create a hood vent over my dip tank and utilize the same blower. I think i will achieve this by actually adding hinges to box on all sides that fold in and block the filers, this will also allow me to save some space in the garage when not in use! Of course the whole thing will sit on some nice casters to move around. More to come!

I'll likely purchase the blower early next week so i get a good feel for the size of the box behind the filter section and can layout my dimensions and purchase the wood! I'll do my best to document the build for others, something i've never really done but i'd like to contribute to this forum as it has been essentials in my endeavor.

I've put a lot of thought into the build and i think it will work for what i need at this time. I would love to get some feedback and criticism from the forum.


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    Here's my 2 cents...
    If you are going to spend this much time planing the build, It will take a tons more time to build it. Time is money, work more hours at your full time job, save some money and do it right. Maybe get your feet wet before you build all this stuff, that in the end doesn't work that good and will be replaced if you continue with this "hobby".
    And if you decide to go down your path, buy used stuff and piece it together since funds are tight. I feel you are over thinking a lot of this.
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    I will refrain from giving my opinion on the endeavor and add a tip you may not have thought of. HVAC repair places typically have 3 stage squirrel cage blowers laying around that they have removed from furnaces. We purchased 3 of them when we built our booth for $60. The added benefit was that we could simply switch leads and get a faster fan, so there was no need to do the calculations. I agree with using water based paint, it dries before it hits your filters/fan.
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    I found my booth on eBay for 800 bucks plus delivery. It arrived ready to plug in, though I added the duct work. There are good deals out there if you're patient. Plus with it being a manufactured unit, I could at least break even if I ever wanted to get rid of it.
    Thanks for watching the video.
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    Yea save yourself the agony of building a bench top paint booth...they are so cheap you could almost buy a brand new one for the amount of time and effort you are putting into something that you are continually going to have issues me on this a purpose-built will be much better off...
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    Well, as you guys have been correct so far, I was able to find a purpose built booth for the right price, $600. I was worried I wasn't going to find one which is why I was going with a build. Here's a couple pictures, even came with a fire suppression system, but it needs a little work to make it operational. I've got some ducting to purchase but should be good to go after that!

    It came with a box of expanded paper filters, which I feel are inadequate based on the amount of build up I see so I'm going to added some basic pleated filters behind them. Once I use up what I've got then I'll probably go to the extra density fiberglass paint arrestor from

    As always, thoughts, opinions?

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    It's WAY more than you need, but it will work. Its gonna suck all the heat out of your room in the winter and bring dirt in all summer.
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    It's definitely more then i need, but i couldn't pass it up for the price and allows me room to grow when needed. I didn't think it was this big until i went and picked it up, even when i had the dimensions! I'm definitely getting a little more into this then I originally planned, but I'm okay with that. It'll keep me more interested because of the investment and should help with starting this right. I have a feeling i'll be replacing the windows in my garage man door with fresh air filters and need to run it awhile before use to clean out the residual dirty air, and will run the hose to keep the dirt down. As for sucking the heat out, is there ever a good way around that other then a re circulation booth or make-up air heaters? Luckily, this won't be running all day everyday!
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    Get yourself a velometer and sheeve the fan correctly so that you are only pulling about 60 fpm. that will keep the dirt down, and will lower the heat loss. You might consider building a small room on the back of that rather than filter all the air in the shop. plenty of places make dirt in the rest of your shop, you should filter air after the painter, but include nothing else in the "booth'.
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    kruppy said:

    As for sucking the heat out, is there ever a good way around that other then a re circulation booth or make-up air heaters? Luckily, this won't be running all day everyday!

    Nope. Thats it. Make up air furnace is unfortunately required for me in a cold climate. But they’re pricey.
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