Anyone used any HDPE chemical treatments with success?

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I am going to be doing some testing here soon. We need a fast and inexpensive alternative to flame treatment on HDPE panels. We are coating about 26 large panels daily for dipping (about 24" x 32"). To be honest, flame treatment with our Shrinkfast style flame gun and wiping with isopropyl alcohol is pretty darn fast. Probably about 1 minute per panel. We then spray it with NanoChem AP and paint with Aqualac. So it's pretty darn fast. For it to be worthwhile, it would have to eliminate the hands-on time of flame treatment all together, and only be a spray on option that would take the place of the AP. Hand scrubbing would be too slow.

Has anyone used anything that works?

I have a couple guys on FB (automotive refinish guys) saying they use one from U-POL and another from out of the country. Then OB Obremski said he uses SX-01 which I have heard is great, but I'm pretty sure we have tested it before. But it's pretty expensive. Not sure if it would offset the cost of flame treatment.


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