Suggestion on carbon fiber dip

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First time using this particular CF pattern from Liquid Concepts and am getting more stretch than I typically get with CF patterns. Image below shows the part and the result. I went in with the bottom part of the piece first (the part in the bottom of the photo with the "up and down contours"). I had backtaped the holes and did small slits in them and had dammed the film as tight as possible in the tank to try and minimize stretch. I know there will be some stretch and altering of the carbon fiber weave given the complexity of this part, but it just seems I can't keep a decent or consistent weave going across the face of the part as a result of the edges causing the pattern to skew.

Should I go in from the side of the part rather than the bottom or top of the part? I thought I would ask on here before redoing this part since I am sure someone on here has done a similar engine cover previously. I haven't been doing very many car parts recently so I am having a brain block at the moment and had to ask. Thanks!


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    If going in bottom first, you would have to roll the part a bit to keep the lines straight. but I suspect you are trapping air in the fins in the center. I would go in from one of the sides.
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    @Forsi I am going to shoot a video of what is going the email but just hammered @smedlin 's mom....
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    Thanks @K2Concepts ... this one has me flustered!
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