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Ok so I'm new to the forum. Very nice to meet all of you. Have been doing this awhile down in Texas mainly advertised on Facebook. Also word of mouth has been a great help. Just trying to find the best ways to keep it moving. I am sure y'all are doing the same. Just trying to get the people's help that have done it longer and are bigger than me. Also been going and talking to companies about production work with no luck so far. But I keep going trying new places. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. 


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    If you actually want to make money at this process, production is where 99% percent of your efforts should be focused. Facebook, word of mouth, and advertising is appealing to "off the street" customers... And they are a slow painful death.

    Focus your advertising efforts on improving your process, and making it appealing to a production based customer (fixturing, automation, repeatability, speed and accuracy) and that is where you will find the best bang for your buck.
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    In an effort to find that "Production" customer that @WileECoyote is advocating, here's an example of one of my customers in South Florida.

    He went to the local new car dealer and conned talked them into adding custom carbon fiber trim interior pieces to the new Camaros and Corvettes as a dealer add-on that they charge astronomical prices for. He was such a good salesman that he also talked them into tinting the windows in the car while he had it in his shop. The last I heard he was starting to do wood trim pieces on the high end trucks for a different dealer.
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    Howdy and welcome to the forums!

    Where in Texas ya from?
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    Originally from east Texas by Palestine. But moved down to college station. And glad to be here. @smedlin. So I guess what y'all are saying is production work is 100% the best way to go so look for it until you find it and push hard for it.
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    Also one more questions I get my paint from Ozark Hydrographics. But doesn't seem to be to good. Any suggestions on best paint. I Tried the actual automotive paint and just not enough time to do everything. Dip window is to small. And I've seen the the heat sensitive paint applied over things dipped. How do y'all get that kind of paint can't seem to find it.
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    I would think custom audio install guys would be a good resource, too.
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    Yes true. Have not thought of that yet. May try those places. 
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    @spark you can use @onehitwonder paint no need to prime as well as hydrosolutions waterbased  or dtp from Kansas hydrographics 
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    spark said:

    So I guess what y'all are saying is production work is 100% the best way to go so look for it until you find it and push hard for it.

    Yep. Unless you have the space to store 1000 different prints and 45 different colors of paint waterbased and solvent based. And the knowledge to identify every plastic automotive trim piece and love hearing about how "I can do this cheaper myself" or "the guy down the street said he would do it for $.50 less" 3 times a day...

    Put the effort into something that might pay off at some point, working for the public will destroy your passion for this work fast.
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    There is no telling how many times I've heard the I can do it myself cheaper already. I just tell them it's harder than it looks. Had one guy come back a month later and the stuff was literally falling off. Then told him there was a cleaning fee. He used the spray can clear for furniture. 😂 made me chuckle. And I got contacted for meetings with a Honda powersports shop near me so we will see how that goes. Also got a volunteer event for first responders next weekend I'm going to set up a booth. Also putting a free helmet dip in the silent auction. Harley is sponsoring it so maybe I can speak with some of the guys from Harley while I'm there. Thank y'all guys for the advice and the paint advice. This dang clear I got from them sprayed it on one thing and been two weeks and still not hard. Luckily it was mine and I tried it on my item first. I mixed it correctly and waited extra between coats on another peice. Same thing.

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    If it's a local Harley dealership you might have a chance. If it corporate... Don't even bother. The place I used to work has a shop and a spray operation like most of you guys could only hope to see. Harley is so paranoid about China ripping off their logo that they just won't have it printed.
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    Yes it's local. Hell I figured it was worth a shot while I was there And so where they 😂 all they can say is no. Lol won't hurt to try.   
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