My Redneck 3in1 dip station

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Far from ideal, but just food for thought for those wanting something better than a tote without spending a bunch. 2 compartment commercial sink with divider cut out, 4x2 dip area, bucket heater on a controller for heat, I only dip on weekends so I don’t need it at temp all wk. no scavenge, just aquarium net for cleaning. Sump pump and handheld shower wand for rinse. Old X-ray viewer, letgo find for $10, for light and intake for exhaust from a air scrubber I already had, 600cfm variable speed. Couple of cheap shower curtains, and I got a open face paint booth. All in a 3x5 space. It works well for the one and two at a time I’m doing now, I also bought a used big tank from a guy that closed up but I don’t have power run to it yet, this is plenty big for my skills at this point, lol

Rinse mode
Open face paint mode


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    I am also making a dip tank out of a commercial sink.  I will get a 2' wide 6' long and 20" deep tank out of it. Bought it from a auction for $60.  As I hobby I figure it should work for most items.
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    I have seen worse starts
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    @WileECoyote, well dammit, I’m gonna consider that a win, coming from you lol, I was expecting to be ripped to shreds. I’ll keep improving it along the way, but even after I run a line for the big tank, I’ll keep this one, it will do a majority of the things I will do I believe, and for much less power. Thanks almost, lol!
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    Well, the vent and curtain gets you some points. And the heater and skimmer means you are thinking logically about your usage. When guys spend a month or two building a tank (we did the same thing) I see it as wasted time that they should be learning how to spray correctly (we already knew how to spray). Jim has said it before, some guys get caught up in the excitement of building the tank, with the justification that it could make money for them. But if the goal was to make money at this process, your time would be better spent on other aspects. 

    All in all, you have a simple set up, and a fairly safe one at that, that you are truly assuming will be hobby. This will give you a spot to learn how to work your guns (the most important part of the whole process) and you can determine where to go from there.
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    Exactly, and yes this is just a personal use tank. I have no delusions of ever doing this as a business, or even a side business. I’m doing things for family and friends and they think I’m being nice, but the truth is, I just want more things to practice on to get proficient enough to do the 1 or 2 or 15 guns I’ve built to as near a professional finish as I can get them, and not have to pay someone to do them and also the satisfaction of turning a box of parts into a completed build, same reason I learned electroetching aluminum, and anodizing for decorating them, Just self sufficiency, I’m a hard head like that😂
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