Car Alternator

Can you dip an alternator?  I have a guy asking and it seems like it would be difficult not to get paint and such where it can't be.


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    The housing is just a cover, if you are mechanically inclined its just a few bolts to take apart and do what ever you want to it, if you are not, pull a Nancy Reagan and just say NO. Of course there would be liability risk and all, and if you screwed it up those aren’t cheap anymore, I’d tell him to disassemble the cover and you will dip, that way he is resonsible for reassembly.
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    Parts come to your shop FULLY disassembled. You take no responsibility for damage. You are not a garage, you are hydrographics... that's it.
  • GLHGLH Posts: 53Member
    Thanks guys. I am certainly NOT a mechanic lol.
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