BB plastic blast

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Hi all, I’m not sure how long its been around but i just now found it, anybody used the plastic blast system for HDPE yet? And if so, what were your results? Just looking for some feedback if you have used it, thanks


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    I used it on HDPE when it first came out. It passed the adhesion test I did and was fine until July in the Louisiana sun. I had it peel like a banana with zero adhesion. I have tried a few other no flame treatments and have found that Flaming is the best thing for HDPE. I use AP and epoxy or OHW. I have also used OHW as a primer for HDPE with automotive paint as a base.
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    @Trouble thanks man, im in west Texas so yeah that would be problem, as i said i was skeptical since I hadn’t read anything about the new buttered bread of HDPE lol. Preciate the input, you just saved me $65, thanks man, OHW is what i have for after, was just curious
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    @Trouble i have SEM XXX ap as well, the bulldog i had turned out to be contaminated they said after i sent them pics of it drying in white specks all over, it was aerosol, what brand do you have good results from? I have spray rigs now, I don’t mind spending a little more for insurance even under OHW
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    @MB_Customs nano chem has a great adhesion promoter. 
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    @MB_Customs No need for any extra insurance with OHW it will stick to properly flame treated HDPE. Watch Jims video on flame treating we wash with dawn blast wash again and do exactly like Jim does with zero issues. The only two adhesion promoters I have used are Liquid prints and Nano Chem both are good.
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    Thanks guys, preciate the input @Trouble @DeviousDips
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    Absolutely do not use adhesion promoter under OHW. The paint is designed to be used direct to plastics without it. Ironically the adhesion promoter is usually what ends up failing.
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    @onehitwonder gotcha, thanks for the heads up
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