Most durable clear coats

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Hi guys 
We are doing a large contract for aeroplane manufacturers, we have always been dipping carbon and the norm stuff, but this gig is American oak finish on to aluminium, the finish is matt/we have usually used max Meyers Matt clear bit just wanted to ask the question as the finish has to be as durable as can be obviously it's going to get a lot of traffic and the manufacturers no this but I would like to offer the best and most durable finish I can so would like to no peoples opinions of what they have used, we are from the UK so would need to be able to be purchased here if possible, thanks in advance:0) 


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    I would check if there are any regulations you need to follow. There are rules as to what we can use in airplanes over here.
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    I would get a hold of AquaGraphix...they are the best supplier in the UK... @AquaGraphix
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    hi There, Feel free to call or pop over an email if you need anything. We use max meyer and found its very durable. We also use a quartz matt which is durable too but takes longer to go off. Couldnt really say which is the most durable. Both excellent
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    I sent matte ears from both NanoChem and Prime Coatings. Both are great, but are USA based products. Not sure if they have international distribution.
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