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Looking to purchase an entry level tank. Working on building 40x60 shop so finances are a little tight was looking into either the TWN Fiberglass tank or the Hydrodip.com plastic tank any thoughts on either for an entry level setup. Thanks for any help its definitley appreciated


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    There are a lot of deals on used equipment out there check here, Facebook, Craigslist etc. Check around a few Tank MFG offer free training with the purchase of a tank that is a big plus just starting out. I started with a small Ozark tank and quickly had to upgrade to a 8ft Liquid Concepts so get the largest tank you can afford to keep from buying 2.
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    Thanks a lot I appreciate the response 
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    Yea, I would stay away from both those companies AND their tanks...never heard anything good about them...
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    Thanks for the input went with a used OHG Tank Looking for info on taping the edges of film now but I am not super computer savy and to be honest my first post is the first time ive ever looked at a forum. Lots of great information thats for sure. Thanks again
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    Search bar in the upper right corner has all the info you need
  • CowboyCowboy Posts: 37Member
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