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Hi guys new to dipping,i have some pretty good equipment and get some great results with Valspar paints, but for small plastic car parts I have been using the rustoleum 2x paint/primer spray cans and getting great results ,why all the hate on rustoleum in the forums, cheers guys getting great tips and help from the forum 


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    I agree, for smaller non-commercial projects, Rustoleum 2X Clear is hard to beat.
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    I have used the 2x primer on bare metal with some success. The problem is when you start having problems, we can't help much with diagnosing because the base coat is always a variable.

    If you must use aerosols, grab some from Low Country or OHW.

    And I wouldn't trust the longevity of any part done in Rustoleum. Remember your activator changes everything. It chemically reacts with your base to allow the film to bite into it. Any rattle can from the big box stores never expected this when designing their paints. Without very thorough testing, I wouldn't use any of them on a project for a customer.

    Go to a local autobody/paint shop and get some decent PPG or Sherwin Williams automotive paint and use that. It'll be worlds above in quality and consistency for this process. It's already difficult, so try no to throw in variables if at all possible.
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    I would only use a spray bomb on something that I didn't need to stand behind, or that went to a customer... and what other projects are there?
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    Unless you are a wealthy man... there are none lol @WileECoyote

    That's why I have never understood the hobby thing... hydrographics done right is way to expensive for a hobby !

    @eldipper if you must use rattle cans , use one designed for this process bud.....
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    There have been guys on here that grabbed two seemingly "identical" cans of off-the-shelf aerosol paints. One can worked perfectly and the other could not take a dip to save his life. This process is about consistency. Inconsistency means you spend more time and money figuring out your errors and correcting them that it would have cost you to do it the "accepted" way in the first place. This isn't a cult. We do things a certain way and use particular products because they are proven to work, not to preach needlessly about certain products.

    Another thing. What would you think about an auto body shop that used Rustoleum on your vehicle when painting a repair? If it's not good enough for my car, it's not good enough to use on a customer's project.
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    It's no secret that Rustoleum exists and its cheaper than the paint we all use... if it worked, we would use it.
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    Thanks for the comments, I do usually use Valspar which is good paint and the 2pak clear is amazing  ,and can't get ohw in Australia 
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    And also only using for the base and using Valspar 2pak clear 
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    Hydrosolutions and Aqualac are waterbased paints. You may need to use an adhesion promoter for some plastics, but they are fantastic paints, and can ship anywhere in the world.
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    Guess you are better than I am...because I have never got it to work consistently...
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    Sreynolds said:

    That's why I have never understood the hobby thing... hydrographics done right is way to expensive for a hobby !

    Meh, I do it as a hobby/side business.

    when my friends eyes bug out on how much I spent setting everything up.. I ask them how much that offshore boat they have cost. They think about it and go "Good point".
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    Yes I realised that pretty early ,went from a 200lt tub to a 600 lt tub to a 2x1 m pro tank in 4 weeks 
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    I get what your saying @smedlin but and I have a day job as well but..... as far as the hydrographics/cerakote business goes, I don't turn the lights on if I cant make money!! We are staying pretty busy fortunately ...
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