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I am brand new to the world of hydro dipping. My husband has actually done one project so far. When he showed it to me I immediately saw all kinds of possibilities for it. I’m hoping to learn as much as I can so I can try my hand at this too.


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    Be sure to take pictures of your failed dips as it helps us diagnose your problems.

    Seek quality professional training to knock one to two years off your learning curve. (Not all training classes are equal)

    Be prepared to spend a lot of money. The Youtube videos never seem to mention the cost of this business. A decent home-shop setup will run about $10k. For a commercial job, it's upwards of $30k.

    Be exacting with every step of the process. This is an exercise in chemistry & physics and your results will not be consistent if your procedures are not.

    Read as much of this forum as you can as 99% of your questions have already been answered. We love to help people, but we all have full time jobs away from the forums and using the search bar will usually yield a faster result than waiting for one of us to see it and given a response.

    Buy your materials from forum sponsors, if possible. They are sponsors because they know their stuff, sell quality items and have been proven to offer great customer service. The ones that didn't are no longer around here. There are a lot of companies looking to make a quick buck off of unsuspecting dippers, especially new ones that don't know what they need or the difference between good and bad stuff.

    Off the shelf spray aerosol paint doesn't work consistently for this process. I suggest a paint made for this process or, at minimum, a quality 2k automotive paint.

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