Job Opening! We are Hiring Again!

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Anyone near or in Ohio that wants a job as a hydrographic processor? Pay will initially start at our regular base pay (can be discussed privately) and your raise at 90 days (or sooner) will be determined by experience and work quality compared to the other experienced guys in my shop. In other words, if you're worth being promoted to the "Advanced" hydro tech position quickly? You will be. I need to hire 1-2 more guys soon (I'm up to 7 currently) and I would prefer these to have some experience.

About the Job
This is a full time position with overtime. Currently we are working 50 hours/week (Five 10s). Possibly going to four 12's, and partial day on Friday in the near future depending on workload. I am in process of doubling all my equipment and moving to a larger facility. Hope to be there by this summer. Paid holidays and two paid shutdowns (one over July 4th in the summer, and one over Christmas/New Years in the winter). Time off is easy to get if needed (unpaid at the beginning). After 2 years you get an extra 40 hours of paid time off to use as you please.

Training can be on the job. I don't expect you to know everything, and honestly we probably run things differently than many hydro shops due to our high throughput and semi-automated processes. One main area we need help with is refinish work for a major firearms manufacturer. Stripping their old coatings and re-dipping in Mossy Oak or Realtree. Basically it's like custom work at a production volume.

Must be willing to learn, easy going, easy to get along with.


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