New exhaust hood

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2019 will be cloud free!


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    What exhaust hood is it?
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    @smedlin ,
    It's a Craigslist find. 60" range hood with 2 squirrelly cage fans.
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    Nice hood, good job. Might want to look at your set up on your gun, looks like alot of air coming out of that gun.
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    Thanks, I was thinking the same thing just now, in fact. It's amazing what you can learn from a video! Maybe I should talk to my wife about... oh nevermind.
    Lately I have noticed under activation on many parts. Ill have to go through the set up checklist to see what adjustments I should make.
    On another note, I want to upgrade the filter in my airline and saw this one..

    For as little as I spray, I'm hoping this unit will do the job. At $200 it is very affordable. Does anyone have this unit? Or would you recommend it based on the spec sheet?

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    @WileECoyote, I have the pressure set to under 10 psi. Are you seeing or hearing something different ?
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    Looks like your water is moving around alot. That filter looks like a good unit, I think Jim uses that same one. Your air pressure should be as low as possible yet still completely break up the stream. The better the gun, the lower the pressure can be. As long as your pattern is good, keep lowering the pressure and test. You can use water and construction paper or cardboard to test
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