New and looking for advise.

Hey guys. I'm so glad I found this site. I'm new to this whole processes and I'm already addicted. Lol.  Just looking for some tips on what type of jets people are using for the home made tanks.  I have been dipping out of a tote so far and want to build a table. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. 


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    @smarcille80 first off welcome.  Second watch all the videos you can on the forum and read as much as possible. Usplastic have kbex nozzles and they work great. Unless you can get matl really cheap sometimes its better to buy a tank. Look on the 4 sell section, sometimes ppl are giving out awesome deals to get out
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    Thanks for the pointers. I have seen some amazing tanks on here and YouTube. The videos I have found so far show off the tanks but never leave a list of parts used. Someone said to just drill holes in the PVC pipe and not use nozzles
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    That could be done as well. Just make sure the spray bar is under the water a little. If its above the water it will make a ton of bubbles as it is spraying
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