How many things are wrong in this hydrographics on 3D parts video?

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    100 C or 212F ??? huh?...Yea that works...Never mind that your average water heater is capped at 140F per UL standards...

    No activator is always a good idea....who needs that nasty chemical blend anyways...

    I don't have the mental wherewithal to watch that stupid video for any other mistakes...
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    How did that work without using activator?

    I guess if you don't rinse it off...??
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    That was a waste of my time, time I have lost forever... geeez, no activator? And it's that simple, ya right....where do these people come from anyways.
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    Dam can't believe I have been waiting money on activator and time on rinsing and optional clear coat. What's next I'm going to find out I have been ripping the customer off by base coating LOL!
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