New in Louisiana

Hey guys,

Long time lurker from Lafayette, LA here. Thought it was time that I introduced myself!

Im Steve, I am a FFL who is looking to add a new revenue source. We have done some cerakote and powdercoating in the past and hope to now add hydrographics to our available services!

For now we are building a training tank and rinse tank out of some 330gal IBC Totes that I have available at my day job, once complete we hope to get some training in the new year.

Following training we hope to practice for 4-6months on the variety of items that we may come across to ensure we are able to supply the service at a quality we are willing to put our name on, and at this point build/buy a "proper" tank.

Obviously things may change as we progress, we may find a need for a better tank sooner, or we may require more time to perfect our technique, but we hope to have fun along the way!

Sorry in advance for all the rookie questions I will be asking, and if anyone is in the market for a firearm drop me a line and I will hook you up with a deal (business is business =) lol)


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