TWN Trying to bully other companies out of business

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I just wanted everyone to know how TWN has been treating me and my company and was wondering if any other companies are being treated this way by them.

This is a copy of the email I sent the CEO and he did not reply


I am sending this email to ask if you can help me with a problem I am having with SEMA Show in Las Vegas.

As you know, anytime in the past when we had an issue I have taken care of the problem right away, furthermore I told your Lawyer he could call me anytime to discuss anything.

Last year at the SEMA show I visited the TWN booth and was approached by Mr. Jeff Highland and was asked if I had any questions, I told him that I really liked the items they had on display and especially liked the decorated Air Cleaner that fitted a chevy Camaro and would like to decorate mine like that. I asked if could I take a picture and he said yes and even moved it so I could get a good shot of it.

Next day I was approached by Mr. Highland and a SEMA official on the show floor where Mr. Highland was accusing me of taking pictures of his booth without permission ( clearly entrapment ) and was trying to get me thrown out of show. I finally offered and gave them the sim card out of my phone to make him happy.

This was very embarrassing because I felt like a criminal who had been caught stealing and my wife was so embarrassed and upset we had to go back to our hotel.

I believe that you had to have been told differently about what happened, but above is the honest truth .

The week after this occurred, I know you called US Paints, and told them I was a shady character in so many words .

Two months later, I had a booth at the ATA show in Indianapolis where reps with TWN came by my booth and took pictures which I did not get upset about.

Last week another TWN representative Mr. Jeff Graham contacted Rodney Agner with True Timber Camo and accused me of associating with a company called and selling TWN film pattern knockoffs to them and all of the accusations were proven false .

I am going to SEMA this year and I leave out next Monday.
I registered to attend over a month ago and got a conformation # and was told my badges would arrive in about 2 weeks.

I have purchased my plane tickets and made hotel reservations.
After not seeing my badges in the mail I contacted SEMA and was told I have now been denied admittance due to TWN filing a complaint about me taking photos in their booth.
I am requesting you to please contact SEMA and tell them you do not have a problem with me attending the show.
Also a email stating this, would help so I can forward to the SEMA rep. that is working on this matter.
I have no intensions of even coming within view of the TWN booth.

I have never said or posted anything bad about TWN on any forum etc, furthermore I send customers to your company all the time when they are looking for film patterns we do not carry .

If there is ever any issues or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me .

Thank you

Scott Norwood
854 Hwy 28 Bypass
Anderson, SC 29624
(864) 224-8856 Office
Web site


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    In my personal opinion TWN would block every Hydrographic supplier ,company, whatever to keep competition out of the way
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    Maybe we might need to add a category called "TWN Horror Stories"...
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    That Sucks hopefully Karma will catch up to people like this.
  • norcalfranknorcalfrank Posts: 1,055Member ✭✭✭
    This does not surprise me. It is a horrible company, with horrible customer service and business model. If they did this to me, I would have lawyers setting their asses on fire.
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    Please keep us updated. This is how issues get resolved.
  • K2ConceptsK2Concepts Posts: 13,861Administrator El Jefe
    Mike ain't gonna do anything brother...he is set on screwing you over...only he has the power to set the dogs on you can safely bet he knows exactly what's going on and intends to keep going with his plans...

    Frankly, I would be SHOCKED to hear that he answered you much less called the SEMA reps to remove his complaint...and since they are in the SEMA show? They got juice...
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    To be honest I am surprised that these type of tactics have taken so long to come about.

    With all the companies that have popped up over the last 5 years selling film, activator, paint and training the market is getting smaller for the suppliers and more diluted so that leaves bullying as the next to the last tactic but the last tactic will be litigation in court which only one that will win will be lawyers.
  • MidOhioHydrographicsMidOhioHydrographics Posts: 9,952Member, Moderator, Business Ninja El Moderator
    NWH said:

    which only one that will win will be lawyers.

    100%.... The lawyers drag everything out so long just so they can get paid more.
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    This is why we focus on perfecting our paint!
  • artiemagsartiemags Posts: 37Member
    Never used them . Guess I’ll stay clear . I use Kansas and sometimes dip wizard never an issue
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