New tank build questions.

New to the forums so if I missed this somewhere sorry. I come from a fabrication and design back background. Getting ready to build a tank for a small side business I have. Besides the following what other internal parts are in a dipping tank. 

Water heater, overflow and filtration, dams, spray and wash station, recirculation

I'm looking to do something around a 3x5x3 size tank.



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    Those are pretty broad terms, but essentially you have the idea. I have a lot of experience in fabrication, and I can tell you, that's only about 50% of what you need to make this. The electrical is a big component of this, and not something to be taken lightly (you are going to have your hands submerged in water). We built out tank, rinse station, booth, and I did all the power and plumbing... and I wouldn't do it again. I also had the spray painting experience, but that is the biggest hurdle most guys can't get in their mind. If you don't have much painting experience, you will do yourself a HUGE favor to be practicing that, instead of working on this equipment.
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    Ive built some tanks , you can go back in my post and look at them. The last one was pretty detailed ! If I were needing another one now ..... I would buy it from one of the forum sponsors ! And I to have a lot of background in fab and access to a hell of a fab shop! Im guessing roughly around 4k for what you are looking for..... Yeah just purchase it and thank me later lol.
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    PA hydro sells a five footer for 5500.... with financing available ! that aint bad
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    Currently I'm just diping tumblers.  Not trying to do big stuff but want something iI like ot grow in a year. You never know what's around the corner.  Adding a couple of pics of the first tumbler I've dipped. Granted I messed up just s bout send didn't let it dry completely and figured a spot around the bottom of the cup. Think my biggest hurdle will be techniques for dipping. Wife would kill me if I dropped that Much on a tank. Building it will give me exactly what I'm wanting and exactly how I want it.  The electrical, plumbing, and fabrication is not the issue.  Just trying to find out what all is in a tank parts wise.  Have tried looking for literature on the subject and can't find what I'm looking for.  For example do tanks have a UFC light in them or is it necessary for what I'm currently working with.  Things like that. 
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    You don't need a light IN the tank. Just hang one above and behind it so you see it's reflection in the water as you are spraying activator.
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    Look in the for sale section there is always someone getting out of the business 
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    looch said:

    Look in the for sale section there is always someone getting out of the business 

    This...I have a complete sheet metal shop and I couldn't build it for what they are selling them for...
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