Mopar engine cover

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    Got some work to do there, my man. Lots of under activation and trapped air in the flame pattern. Unless that’s in the film? But the placement of some of those voids is definitely trapped air.
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    @MidOhioHydrographics not sure what you mean by placement of voids? If your indicating the clear spots in the black flames that is what the film looks like.
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    Definitely looks like it was under activated
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    Here's what I'm meaning. The yellow arrows all appear to be underactivation spots. But, I would have to see the film to confirm. The blue arrows are trapped air. See how they're all along the raised ridges in a straight line?

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    @MidOhioHydrographics Appreciate the constructive criticism. The yellow area's you pointed out are the way the film is - not under or over activated. Blue arrows may look like trapped air possibly in those angles but it is were the transparent area's of the film are in the pattern, but neverless the customer is happy how it turned out and in the end that is what really matters to me.
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    @getemkustoms , what film is that?
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    I also want to know what film that is. Cause it definitely looks under activated and those blue arrows are trapped air
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    Hmmm...if it's that clear flame film? Then yea, the boys are correct...I use that film quite a bit and I can say that those holes are NOT in the film...will go to the shop and confirm...

    PS, please do not take this as "busting your balls"...just what we see...
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    Agreed. Just trying to help, my brother. Not meaning to be offensive at all. Can you shoot a pic of the film just laying on a white paper or something?
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    We have seen it go both ways. Some guys post up work and want to hear honest opinions. Some guys just want to hear how well they did, even though there are glaring errors.
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    Ok, Here is what I have found. The film used on the engine cover was in a roll of film that we acquired when we purchased all the equipment and film from a local shop that went out of business months ago. We bought there OHG tank, rinse station, and boxes of film from Twin. Many of the rolls of film we threw away as it was hydrated out, or just seemed really old and un-uasble. I recently purchased that same film pattern from Dipe Ape and tried that film on some test pieces, it does not have the transparent spots. I can not confirm if its the film used on the engine cover was old, or the way the pattern is.

    @MidOhioHydrographics @WileECoyote - I really do appreciate your opinions. I did not take it to be negative in any way.
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    Also some of that void can be easily touch up by hand of airbrushed before clear. Even when we have a easy customer, we try to get the best stuff out there, because more people will see it and maybe that people will point the problem and then turn a happy customer into a problem.
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