Just getting started!

Hi Everyone!

Totally new here. From central PA. Really excited about starting into this craft. I have been watching a ton of videos, checking out folks pages and reading a lot of the forum pages as well. I have also been looking at training options as well. I have a colleague who can teach me what I need to know about the painting processes. I purchased a used 4 ft PA Hydro Tank last year from a guy getting out of it due to health issues. It came with a rinse station, a few guns, some films, etc. My goal is to start out as a hobby, and learn the craft. I would like to expand this to a home shop operation. I am a college instructor which gives me the freedom of more time than a 9-5. Not looking to get rich but make a few bucks on the side. I have ideas on decorating objects of all types and selling online or craft shows etc. See where it can go from there! This looks like the right place to be. This forum has tons of information.



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