Metalux paint mixing system, anyone used these?

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Anyone have experience with these? This lady is selling it with paints for $1350. Figure I can get it for maybe $1200. 


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    I have just recently used it bit. It is an Axalta company. Primers and clears seemed real nice. Basecoat is heavy polyester which does work well with hydrographics, just test the window. We spray Diamont and Metalux sprayed nearly identical. The mixing bank is not worth much at all, most people get them for free. Make sure you get the software to be able to mix the colors you want.
    Hope this helps!
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    I use Metalux with no issues. Good paint. Check price at your local dealer I was quoted a mobile mix station can't remember what the price was but it wasn't bad. My Axalta dealer will set up the mixing bank and train on use for free if you do enough volume. Unfortunately I an no where near their magic number.
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    Thanks guys 
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