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I have recently opened my own shop. And straggling tp find work, I'm on Facebook,Instagram and just paid for Google adwords. Still no results. Any suggestions. Thank you


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    Custom work will not pay the bills. Even if it is steady, it will kill you with all the "customization". Production work is what is going to keep the lights on. Your process needs to be TIGHT for that to work, and you need to talk to much bigger clients. They aren't looking on social media for someone to do work for them.
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    A very common mistake for start up's in this industry...You are preaching to the converted...they are already following you because they know you...if they were going to do business with you? They would have already...time for you to go beat the bushes...

    But before you do that? You better learn who your target audience is and what it is you have to offer them...which should have been the first step before you opened your shop, to be honest...
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    "I have this business now who wants me to do work for them?" Seems kinda silly when you say it that way.
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    "I have this business now who wants me to do work for them?" Seems kinda silly when you say it that way.

    Agree 110%...
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    Yea my ex boss forced me out of his shop, blew sun shine up my **badword**. I now I'm unemployed trying to make this work. But I know I'll have to get a job until I find steady production. I appreciate your help and I'll stick to it.
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    Look around your area for a couple companies that produce a widget... something that "needs" the "custom" look of carbon fiber or woodgrain or camo. Remember your area can be as small as your town or as large as a few states. We do repeat business for companies right here in our city as well as across the country. Do some research, maybe get involved with your local area chamber of commerce to be connected to other business owners and NETWORK.
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    Word of mouth my friend, my buddy is one of the biggest powder coaters in south Florida and he started in his garage powder coating things for friends. It takes time and patience.
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    I was in the same boat as you are in now, however, I am making enough to keep a roof over my head and food on the table, I have a tiny garage space business where I am forced to dip outside. Here's what I did;

    I walked the beat bro;
    To start with I target as many small repair shops in an area as I can once a week. Check your local media and start in your area.
    Cold call at as many Rim Repair shops as you can.
    Target tyre repair shops.
    Visit as many small bike repair shops as you can.
    I had pamphlets printed with some photo's of before and after.
    I hit any car that has been done up with a pamphlet and buz card.
    Visit bicycle sales and repair shops.
    Set up a stall/ table display at the informal custom car shows.
    Hit the street race areas. (this is mainly at night.

    I offer anyone that brings in buz for me 15% of the sale as commission. Remember the small business guy is eager to offer something different to his clients but may not be able to afford to or have the know how to offer the difference, so you're the difference guy. =)

    I set one day a week aside for canvasing where I hit the area from start of business in the morning and continue until end of day, I alot 20min per buz, (you will soon be able to identify the talkers from the doers). Continue hitting an area until you have saturated it.

    Word of mouth spreads fast.
    Offer any friends that are unemployed 15% of any sale they make and give them pamphlets to distribute doing cold calling.

    I purchaced 300 plastic hubcaps and practiced with these and turned them into samples that I leave 2 of with some pamphlets at each place that will generate sales.

    be prepared to footslog many many miles.

    Don't give up, keep at it every day, when you don't have work hit the streets. The word will get out, you need just one job to get the wheel turning.

    Hope this helps

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    Like any business you must have a solid business plan if you want to make money at this and not just do it as a hobby. Your business plan needs to define who your target market(s) is/are and how you will go about reaching them. You need to develop your skills with this process and learn where your "sweet spots" are and the types of products you do and projects you do that yield a good profit; use that knowledge to create your target product mix so you know what clients to go after. Custom work is okay if that is your business plan/model, but production work and repeat clients in this business is where you will have a better profit margin. Or find a few production clients for steady work and mix in custom work as well and that could be your mix. Every company is different so you must sit down and define what you want to get out of your business and work from there to define how you will achieve the results you are going after. You can't just shotgun social media and expect to be rolling in the money; unfortunately that is not realistic and especially not in this business. You will quickly learn what those of us that do this as a professional business deal with every day from the "custom" crowd and that is "I saw that on YouTube" or "I have a buddy that does this..." or every other lame excuse a consumer will give you as to why they think your price for custom work is high. It all starts with defining a plan and making a road map as to how you will get there...otherwise you will always be drowning and floundering and end up frustrated...good luck with it and just stay diligent!
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