Wash station in tank

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Hi guys just a quick question.
Would it be ok to add a shower head to my dip tank filter pump pipework to use as a wash station aswell
As a dipping tank.

Or would it ruin the water quality too quickly


  • WileECoyoteWileECoyote Member, Moderator, Business Ninja Posts: 7,969 El Moderator
    You can do whatever you want, as long as your process works with it. If you start doing production, I suspect that would take too much of your tank time.
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    @WileECoyote , no trade just learning as a hobby and building a memorial bobber in honour of my son.
    If i get good enough would love to earn money from it. Longway off

    Cheers dude for the advice
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    @magic ... That's what I did in my tank. Works great, and I made a splash shield so I can dip and rinse at the same time. But FYI...I am rinsing with fresh water, so it actually helps keep my tank clean. I do not heat my tank, so putting fresh water into my tank doesn't really affect the water temp...my tap water and tank stays right about 75 degrees.

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    @juju151 , so every time you rinse, you use fresh water.. that flows into your tank, that then flows to a drain or something?

    Seems like the cost of water (utils) would add up pretty fast.

    But.. I guess if your just doing really small things (cups, etc), it's not really that big an issue
  • juju151juju151 Member Posts: 35
    @smedlin...yes, I plumbed my tank with an overflow drain at the height that I wanted my water level to stay. So when I'm running water in the tank, the water level will never get higher than my dams. And yes, I'm only doing small stuff, so hopefully utils won't be too bad.

    So on your rinse stations, are you all recycling your water over and over again...or are you using fresh water?
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    My rinse tank is 6ft long.

    it's got a pump on it that picks up the water inside the tank, and pushes it out thru nozzles that are around the tank.

    Your set up works for YOU, and that is all that matters, yes?

    But, your limited to only doing one things at time. You can't rinse while dipping.. but like i said.. as long as it works for YOU.
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    @smedlin ... So you are recirculating the same water in your rinse tank. Do you have some kind of filter on it too or do you just refresh the water every couple of weeks?

    Yes, you're correct, it works for me...for the moment anyway. :) LoL, but I may need to rethink that depending on how much my water bill is this month. I'll be checking on that to see if there is a big jump from last month's bill. I was thinking about putting in a pump to recirculate my tank water for rinsing, and now I may just do that.

    The way I have it setup, I can dip and rinse at the same time...usually by the time I have cut a piece of film and get setup for the next dip, the last rinse is done...except for that custom film, it seems to take forever to rinse off completely! :)

  • magicmagic Member Posts: 105 ✭✭
    Mine is coming along nicely.   My 500 litre ibc tank  has fully adjustable  dams.  
    I used a cut away sewage pipe for the scavenger  with filter materials   inside flowing into 110 litre  sump pit .
    A small dirty water sump pump is connected  to pvc pipework  carrying the clean water back into the tank through a  spraybar. To scim after a dip.
    .also i have two taps to operate the bar or the wash shower head. 

    This was all put together with advice from the forum ...
    You guys are awesome. 🛀
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