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I’m just wondering if anyone does use or have tried UV lights through the paining and in particular the clear coat stage?

If so are they any good and are they worth it?


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    I have used UV cure spot primer and clear. Even made a booth for it. Cool to the touch and cures in 3 minutes. You need special paints for it to cure, and I am guessing those paints are not designed for Hydrographics. They cure up hard, doubt much will bite into them. As I remember the clear was expensive.
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    I like our IR setup. There are some clears that cure very fast under IR. NanoChem Matte Clear can be handled after about 10 minutes in front of our lamps, and for gloss PPG deltron DC3000 take (if I remember correctly) under 10 minutes to cure to where you can sand on it. But it’s about $350/gallon in our area. Great for keeping dust off the parts so you have less to denib.

    There’s always a give and take with clears like this. You have to learn to use them for your application. Something like OHW or Big Brain Glamour Gloss will cure more slowly but it will lay better and flow out as it cures as a result. But more time for dust to settle onto the wet clear.
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    @WileECoyote @MidOhioHydrographics thanks guys, that is great feedback and really appreciated. I had assumed it would have been ok to use the lights on any paint, so this has given me something to think about. Looks like I’ll be calling my supplier on Monday to ask them a few questions.
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    As far as I know there is a certain addetive in the paint and clear is especially difficult because the additive has a tint to it.
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    Through my previous research the main thing I found out was if you use UV lights, you must use them through all stages. If you only use them on the clear it can cause trouble with base coat not being dry underneath...I hope that makes sense.

    I was thinking the way I’d do it if the paint is compatible is, prime then uv, base dip rinse the uv and once cleared uv again.
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