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@onehitwonder Question...

Can OHW intercoat be applied directly to an aluminum surface as a base coat in the hydrographic process?

For the last year and a half, I have been using OHW paints on these aluminum parts with great success. I have dipped hundreds of the same parts using the same prep and finishing process without any adhesion failures.

A couple of weeks ago, I experimented using intercoat as a base directly on the aluminum. This has a cool looking effect with some patterns to have the aluminum show through. I have also tried a couple of the Candy intercoats hoping for the same effect. They look is even cooler!

However, while pulling off the masking, 3 hours or so after clearcoat (as usual) the clear, dip, and intercoat came right off with the masking vinyl and blue tape. Peeled like a banana!

The same pieces finished with OHW paint colors , prepped and finished right alongside with the intercoat pieces came out just fine with not one adhesion failure.

So, can intercoat be applied directly to the aluminum?

The day I applied the intercoat base was extra humid and hot. and the intercoat looked to have a "blush." My spray shop is not conditioned and so I am at the mercy of the ambient temperature and humidity. Back when the weather was cooler and less humid, the intercoat went on very clear... I could hardly tell it was there.

BTW, these particular parts were from an aerosol can as I was testing just a few samples.

My typical prep routine is to wash the parts with hot soapy water (Dawn). After they dry, I mask as needed, then wipe with Alchohol before spraying the base coat.

Thanks, and I hope this is just my process or weather conditions as the IC has a neat look under some patterns.



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