Clear coat made dip fade away?

Okay I'm pretty new still ive done a couple small stuff and sprayed matte clear on them with no problem. all rattle can stuff except I use a gun for activator. But I used some flat white from dip wizard and some gloss clear from them in cans. And I used super brew for activator. The substrate was a welding helmet and I believe its nylon. Atleast thats what the symbol on it means when i looked it up. So i let base coat dry for 1.5 hrs. Scuffed. 2 passes super brew dipped. Dipped looked pretty good. Some bunching of image on one spot. I rinsed then air hose dried it off then went to clear it. Put one good medium coat on it. Let it sit for a about couple minutes and went to put a second medium coat on it. And after the second coat i noticed the image was fading away. Like it was washing it off. Why could this be?


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