Dipping health and safety basics

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Sorry in advance if these questions have been asked previously.

I am just starting out with hydro dipping as a hobby (currently) and was wondering how important a protective suit (tyvek) and goggles are when spraying activator and/or basic clear coat (not 2k but the standard Rustoleum type)?

I presume a respirator is absolutely essential but am not sure about the suit? 

Also, I am currently dipping in my kitchen sink with the windows open, is this safe enough or am I asking for trouble!? 

Apologies for the amateurish questions. 


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    Dipping inside a house is asking for trouble in my eyes. Their are alot of toxins in everything being sprayed from paints, clears, and activator. I personally don't wear a suit but respirator when spraying any of those I would do. Also an open window may be doing nothing without a fan pulling it out  just an open window could be blowing everything back inside depending on the wind. Another thing is spraying activator in a kitchen when foods and such is located is not very smart. U would be better off in a plastic tote out on the porch. 
    Lots of issues in my eyes and I would rethink your process. Kitchen where u eat would be the last place I would be spraying activator. 
    Just my 2 cents
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    Your spraying chemicals that can cause cancer.  Do you want that in your kitchen 
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    Sounds like he is probably using aerosol activator. Don't do it man... It's not worth it.
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    From a strictly health stand point...

    If your doing this from your kitchen sink.. i'm going to assume your just doing a few pieces here and there.

    small little things.. your not running a production site, and your not doing a motorcycle fender.

    it's like spraying bug spray. Your not going to have men in white coats show up and tape off your house.. but just like bug spray, your not going spray it in your face either.

    Wear a respirator. Have fun tinkering.


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    Health concerns aside, you really shouldn't be using Rustoleum or other "off the shelf" products with this process as they do not yield consistent results.

    Don't spray in your house. Buy a $20 Rubbermade tote and dip in the yard. Wear a minimum of gloves and a respirator. Don't get the chemicals on your skin (don't use activator or paint thinner to clean pain from your skin, etc).
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    You need all the protection you need in your job because it can affect your health in the long run.
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