40 Micron film

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Guys I have the deal of a lifetime on some 40 micron film.
As I am sure must of you know but those who don't , The film we normally use is 30 Micron but in the bow and gun Stock industry they use a equipment where the film runs tru a long system and is in the water much longer then the typical 60 sec. we let it hydrate , it is actually more then twice as long 2.5 to 3 minuets in the water.
True Timber accidentally made some of there full scale size patterns in this in 100cm wide width and these machines are only 50cm wide and they only decorate with 50% scale.
Also they had a couple of rolls of 50cm wide that wasn't rolled tight enough for the machines.
I have done testing and if you allow the film to Hydrate (lay on top of the water ) for 2.5 to 3 min that it works just like normal .
Have any of you worked with this film and know a different way please let me know.
I have the following Patterns
True Timber DRT FULL Scale 100cm (500 Meters)
True Timber DRT 50% Scale 100cm (125 Meters)
True Timber Kanati Full Scale 100cm (500 Meters)
True Timber Strada 50 cm (100 Meters)
True Timber Kanati 50% 50 cm (500 Meters)
You can buy as much or as little as you want.
Call us at 864-224-8856 to order Monday - Friday I do not have this on my website but of course you can go to dippros.com to view patterns in 30 Micron.
Please let us know it is about the special 40 Micron film I am only discussing and offering on this Forum.
Going to offer it only to folks on this Forum for $6.00 Per Square Meter 100cmx100cm or 50cmx200cm
This is less then half the price of what we sell the normal 30 Micron film for on our websites.


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