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So it's going to be my first time testing and spraying small Magna Pearl and I was wondering if i'll be ok with a 1.4 tip? From my reading I only saw the tip changed to a 2.0 when spraying metal flake. I will be mixing with OHW intercoat . Any tips suggestions appreciated.


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    The 1.4 would be better than a larger tip. Pearl is not flake as we know it. I believe it is ground mica and is very small. Spray light coats and respect the flash times in between.
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    Pearl is heavy and will run easy
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    1.4 is fine. I have sprayed it with a 1.0 and not experienced color shift. Pearl is the only coating that is acceptable to spray dry.
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    Spray it like a normal base coat, a little drier then normal, you can also try on your last coat to put an effect coat on, by that I mean to lift the gun higher off the panel so it looks like its going on dry almost, that way you can see what it looks like as your spraying it on. If you have multiple parts to make sure you do the same thing to all of them so that the color is the same when its put together.
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    Thanks guys, edit: spraying the pearl turned out great, thanks for the tips. Spray some clear then call it done.
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    pbliz said:

    Thanks guys, is it okay to let product sit overnight after intercoat and pearl has been laid? I will spray clear over it tomorrow unless clearcoat has to go on right away.

    I believe you just treat it as you would any regular base coat, so tomorrow would be fine
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    @IceMaster yeah that's what I was thinking after I posted. Thanks.
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    Here is one that I mixed blue powdered pearl from Kirker with OHW silver metallic. Sprayed, dipped and cleared. Seem to work fine. I had never added the pearl to a colored paint in the past. The photo doesn't do it justice. It really pops in the sun!

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