Round 2 With moonshine camo

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They have contacted me about changing the base colors again. Well this time they pissed in one to many cheerios so I will soon be have a clearance sell on all their films and will no longer support a company that at one time encouraged all the dippers to take it to the extreme and made them what they are today.
There are way to many patterns out there and along with being able to have custom patterns made I believe they are cutting their own throat.


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    They are cutting their own throats...
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    A lot of these companies are getting quite fancy now a days. But Hydro Digital Films (HDFilms) is always here to print your custom designs. I bet if we talked to @studebaker he probably could come up with something close to it.
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    I'm on the fence about this.... I can kind of see their point... If I designed a camouflage pattern and required it have a tan base color to look the way I designed, I'm not sure that I would want someone going into mass production using Silver or Teal... Now... with that being said... I have no idea why they care so much about custom jobs. A couple cool looking items floating around isn't going to hurt anything. If anything it may draw attention to their pattern as "something different" out there.
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    @MidOhioHydrographics @NWH I think the point was that they FORMERLY encouraged people to experiment to get more information and interest about their pattern, and now are starting to force their "licensed dippers" to abandon what may have become their niche market with a particular look. Am I correct?
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    I think its more of a issue over the last couple of years as new patterns emerge theirs becomes less and less popular so they try to tighten the reigns in hopes that more manufactures see it as policing their image. I understand it but don't say one minute just use our patterns make it look cool share your image with us so we can gain popularity then the next you can't do that.
    Patterns come and go fast in this business so do companies when support for your items are gone don't ever slap the hands that feed you manufactures will run to the latest greatest thing but the back bone of their patterns were the aftermarket and even at that it was really only the muddy girl.
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    Should it not be up to the customer as to what base they want. Maybe they like the camo but want a different color to set their item apart.
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    I agree. That's the whole point of customization is to not have what everyone else has. I understand the production runs of the items and sticking to a certain base for oem but when your doing one offs I don't see the big deal with changing base colors
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    Most companies now offer a pattern to be used with any base color. Moonshine Freedom, Kryptek Universal, Realtree Xtra Colors... any base is fine. It sounds like the larger companies (probably because they could afford to do so) have listened.
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    Too little too late...the industry has changed and in a major way...companies that try to impress their will on others has been played out a long time was cool back in the day but with the advent of information and the onslaught of smaller companies seeking to be more responsive in order to survive? There is no "controlling the market" effect, you are just turning a blind eye to the changing landscape of our business...

    Companies that want to flex their muscle do so just to make themselves feel better...because we ALL try different things and changing the base coat is ALWAYS just one of those experiments...just for kicks...that's why I call it the "X Factor"...experimenting has always resulted in the most drastic changes to anyone's business...the only thing that a stupid rule like this will do to those that are even listening? Is make us feel dirty about ourselves like we cheated and no one can find"Hey, look what I did...looks pretty cool huh? But don't tell the teacher or I will get a spanking"...

    For Pete's sakes, we are a CUSTOMIZE based business group...people come to us for EXACTLY now they want a certain pattern on their project BUT the pattern company wants it to look like everyone else that has that pattern?...Do they even hear what they are saying?

    I can just see it now at TWN headquarters "We invented this custom film so you can look different but only you have to try to look different by looking the same as everyone else...ehh...wait ok let's try this one...We are in business to make you look different but only how we say you can look different...maybe we should just say "Because we say so?"...yea that's it...ok everyone team company slogan!!"...

    Keep banging your own drum guys...isolating and eliminating your customers has always proven to be a good business model...
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    For Moonshine Camo to keep the colors they chose for their background, all they would have had to do is cover the whole backside with white ink/fixative. And they wouldn't be having this conversation with you. Their customers could only dip it with the colors they intended. But that costs an extra 5 cents per meter... Penny wise, pound foolish. Now they are spending more money than that paltry sum on lawyers and intimidators instead of fixing the "problem" before it happens. Typical corporate think.... Inside the box they have built for themselves.

    It won't be long before everyone has their own hydrographic film printer in-house, and where will that leave them? Selling clothes only? You can now have clothes made with your own pattern for a reasonable price. The times, they're a changin'... Barnes and Nobel, GE, NCR, Kodak, Sears, IBM, the list goes on forever of companies that didn't keep up with the times... You will have your revenge for their short-sightedness.

    Already have the printer just don't have a lot of extra time right now in fact have 4 format printers in house. Times are changing.
    The hydrographic industry is going to see a lot of changes over the next few years.
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