New Feature Adds Business Videos to Google Maps

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Local Guides can now add short videos to business profiles on Google Maps. Find out how your company can take advantage of this feature.

This fall, Google Maps quietly rolled out a new feature that’s generating a lot of buzz: Users in its Local Guides program can now post short videos to Google Maps. (Local Guides are power users who share reviews, photos, tips—and now videos—on Google Maps.)

While the feature is currently limited to Local Guides using the Android operating system, Google is also testing the functionality with select local businesses. Posted videos are viewable by all users on all platforms, however.

Videos up to 10 seconds can be shot from within the Google Maps app; slightly longer clips up to 30 seconds can be added from a user’s mobile camera roll.

Here are ways for small business owners to capitalize on this new feature:
  • Ask around: If any of your loyal customers are active online reviewers or early adopter types, it’s worth asking if they are part of the Local Guide test group that can post videos to business profiles. If so, ask if they’d be willing to post a video to your Google Maps business profile.
  • Be ready: Keep an eye on your Google My Business profile in case you become eligible to post videos. If you have the functionality, use it! Videos are a great way to show off your business in a way photos can’t. For example, a Google Maps video might show steam rising from a warm pizza arriving to a table of hungry diners, or a bubbling hotel Jacuzzi at sunset.
  • Go pro: While most mobile phones now have the ability to take and edit serviceable video, a video professional can help your video feel polished with perfect lighting, sound, composition and production values. If you don’t have a video expert on your staff, consider hiring an agency or seasoned freelancer for a series of short videos you can use on Google Maps and other social platforms.
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