New Business Need Help

bfalesbfales Member Posts: 14
I recently purchased a tank that I understood to be a "turnkey" operation and have had nothing but problems. I ordered the tank in July and by mid august had no response, after contacting the company they promised the tank by the first week of September so I signed my lease for shop space for September. Did not receive the tank until end of September and it was incomplete without HVLP gun controls or filters. I'm now two months into rent and not operating and the controls that were sent to me are not even wired to hook up to the 220 that is already in place. Attached is a photo of the control box I received with no way to hook it up and run the heater and pump. I'm at a total loss of what to do and I just want to start producing a product with this tank. Can anyone help me out with a way to get this thing up and running because i'm not getting any response from the company who sold me this.

Anything helps! Thanks!


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