How to Turn Your Facebook Cover Photo into a Video

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A cover video at the top of your Facebook page is a great way to introduce your small business and capture the attention of followers.

Facebook is constantly experimenting with ways its users can better engage with their followers. To this end, the social media giant has quietly begun rolling out a new way for business pages to tell a better story: cover videos.

Yes, businesses will now have the option to choose between a cover photo or a moving video as the page’s top visual component. While the new option seems to have reached most business pages, Facebook has emphasized that this is a gradual rollout. If you don’t yet see the option, you may need to wait a bit longer to use this feature on your specific page.

When you do get the option, a cover video would be a great way to add interest to your Facebook Business Page and get the attention of followers. However, not just any video can (or should) be your company’s Facebook cover video. Here are two things to remember when creating or choosing a great cover video:
  1. Meet the Specs
    Facebook cover videos can be between 20 and 90 seconds (you can also loop a shorter video, as this page for Netflix series Narcos does). Your video needs to be at least 820 x 312 pixels and landscape-oriented. Like all other Facebook content, cover videos must adhere to the overall terms of use.
  2. Pick a Great Video
    You don’t need to hire a professional firm to shoot a great video, but shaky or confusing clips will repel page traffic. Create or choose a clear, compelling clip that is appropriate for your business. Cute sloth videos are fun, but if you’re running a (non-sloth) hotel, it’s probably best to go with something with a bit more connection to your business.
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