3 Time Management Tricks for Small Business Owners

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Enhance your productivity and get more done with these easy-to-implement organization strategies.

A hectic schedule may seem inevitable for small business owners, but with some careful planning and deliberate actions, it doesn’t have to be your reality.

Don’t underestimate the importance of taking the time to plan, especially when your week becomes chaotic and it seems most difficult to carve out the time to do so—that just means planning is more essential than ever!
  1. Tame Your Email Inbox
    Dr. Linda Henman, author and strategy and planning expert, suggests starting by culling email to improve productivity. “Don’t allow anyone to CC you in an email,” she said. “If it’s important enough for you to read, it’s important enough for you to receive a separate notice.”
  2. Stay Focused
    Creating daily priorities is crucial to help streamline your week and rein in the chaos. This prevents overscheduling and “inconsequential things showing up on your calendar,” Henman said.
  3. Delegate!
    Finally, Henman suggested small business owners delegate as much as possible. This is especially difficult for folks who have a vision they’re not confident others can carry out, but delegating will free you up to focus on the big picture. “Both tasks and decisions should be delegated to the lowest possible rung on your ladder, along with the authority to carry out the decision,” she said.
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