Thought I would share mine

liquidvisionsliquidvisions Posts: 137Member ✭✭
I don't remember the water pump size. I'll try and find it.
My heating element is 4500 watt
Also I have strep throat so I apologize if it's hard to here or I cough in the speaker lol


  • TsunamiTsunami Posts: 4,952Member, Business Ninja ✭✭✭✭✭
    Good video LD. Try drilling those cheap plastic ones with a 3/16 drill hole in the orfice. Then unscrew the out side piece with the small holes. I had some shavings in mine and that made them spray better. Get better soon.
  • 5mhydro5mhydro Posts: 16Member
    how many gpm is your pump
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