Facebook’s Creative Hub Makes Ad Design Quick and Easy

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You can preview and improve your social media advertising with this handy design feature in Facebook Ads.

If you’ve ever wished for an easy way to preview and share Facebook Ads before they’re live, we have good news. Facebook’s Creative Hub lets you do just that.

If you haven’t explored this feature yet, Creative Hub allows you to create mockups for different types of Facebook Ads. Just log in with your Facebook business account and go to “Manage Mockups.” Start by selecting the type of ad you want to mock up. Then, you’ll be taken to a page where you can plug in the creative elements of your ad.

The software will automatically generate a preview of what your ad will look like. You can preview the ad in desktop mode, or send it to your mobile Facebook app to see how it will look on a smartphone screen.

In addition to the mockup feature, Creative Hub also makes it easy for advertisers to test whether an image has too much text, so you can be sure your ad will be approved. (Facebook has strict guidelines about the amount of text advertisers are allowed to place on top of images.) And if you’re looking for ideas, just head over to the “Get Inspired” tab to see examples of successful ads run by well-known brands.

So, instead of creating ads of the fly, you can take some time to plan your ad, preview the ad’s appearance and get feedback on your ideas. This tool is also a quick and convenient way to explore new ad formats you might not have tried yet, including Instagram ads.
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