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today I finally got to start my paint booth.  I've got two c channel at peak I will put a plate of plate glass the entire 8' with it. Wing 12" wide. Two 4' LED will slide on the top of them giving me 8' of bright lights. I'm also hanging that smooth white wall paneling where the seams will be joints without any gaps what so ever.  I then added a wall and walk through door that way if someone walks into the shed, they won't be walking into spay booth. I am cutting a 4' wide and 2' tall opening at the wall and install a box one the outside to install one or two fans giving me a 2x4 filter area.  My question is,  should I take out the middle glass and take out the bottom piece of screen door and install a big filter housing giving me 2/3 of the door for a inlet filter. Or use the window?  I'm also wanting to know best location of exhaust filter   If I put filters in walkthrough door,  should I do it at the bottom on wall strait across from it or the side across from the window    The side of shed I am closet to will  e my paint mixed, pouring, and social media room between Coats  it will be air conditioned and heated     Thanks guys


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