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The film I print is 48" wide x 32" long per Square Meter ordered. My email address is


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  • HomeTownHydro
    hey my friend my name is john I own and operate Hometown hydrographics LLC. What kind of ink do you use in the plotter to print custom film? The reason I'm asking is I have a plotter I was thinking about doing my own film. What do you think?
    June 14
  • TraumaChaser
    Hey I just needed to ask you what file format and size works best.
    June 8
    • TraumaChaser
      For sending in artwork....
    • studebaker
      The only real artwork requirement is High Resolution. I will print what you send, just keep in mind that a 2" 72 dpi image from the web blown up to 50" will be very pixellated. As I tell all my clients, please send me the artwork straight from the graphic artist, in the format they created it in. AI, CDR, FS, INDD, PS, EPS, PDF, SVG, CPT formats are best, but not required. Or low compression raster formats such as TIF, BMP, RAW, JPG. Most of all I would like the original artwork unconverted from the program it was created in! Do not export it with anti-aliasing turned on, it will create faint lines in you print.​

      ​Ideally, but not required, the size of your seamless pattern should be 12"x12" art board/page size, and double check that the pattern matches up on all four sides.​
  • HomeTownHydro
    Hey friend how did the cintas job come out? I sent you a message that I wanted to help you guys with this project but I didn't see the date. Y'all personally finished now. 
    June 7
  • The film I print is 48" wide x 32" long per Square Meter ordered. My email address is
    June 5
  • Stephen
    I need to order some pow mia film. I have a lot of bikers in my area wasting time put it on motorcycle parts and helmets. Which leads to my next question are your films full meter films or they half meter wide
    June 5
  • NickelCityHydro
    Hi Studebaker, Mike here from Nickel City Hydro. Had a request from another member, deceased10, to dip some knifes using your custom film. Never had the opportunity to try your film and would like to know how to use it. Can you provide me with instructions and what type of activator to use. I normally use Aqualac for base coat and PPG for clear coat, would they be compatible? Do you have a web site where I could check out some of your film? How much would it be to ship to northern Ontario, Canada. (P0m 2M0). Thanks.
    May 12
  • 2Rhydrotoo
    Wondering if you have any patterns with strutting turkeys for a tumbler pattern.
    April 24