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Hello My name is Willie, I own a small retail business and in a passing interest starting dipping some personal items, when clients and friends found out they started asking me to do something of theirs. Right now I have explained to both that I am no where ready to do such a thing to property that belongs to someone else (clients) but I do have some good friends that have said they would be willing to be test subjects. I do like being creative and while its true I do not have a huge amount of upfront cash to invest into the project I have some of those same friends with a huge amount of talent and resources, Welders, Farmers. Electrician, Plumbers... All who has already requested a graphic be done in one form or another and all who has offered there own professional skills and resources to get me up and going


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  • Re: Has anyone made a mobile dipping setup?

    Good point.... wait what @K2Concepts I thought you Californians are always on vacation 
    Didn't mean to sound like I was teaching, around here we have a lot of farm n ranch shows you would be surprised how well I do selling my Airguns at the show 
    Also we have what is considered one of the largest flea markets in the state called tradedays 
    I wouldn't want to do a travel show 

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  • Re: Control panels>> Electricion, VS Electrical Engineer My learning session Today

    I have a friend who was a Master electrician (residential work mostly) who made the leap to large factory electrician a few years ago for benefits and a steady paycheck. I had always relied on him for help when wiring houses of whatever side project I had gotten myself into.

    I started in maintenance at the age of 19 and got a crash course in control wiring, and grew up around it. I got MANY late night calls for assistance in figuring out why some machinery wasn't running.

    If you really want to see an electrician's head spin, show him "ladder logic", it is all the same stuff as they are used too, just in a different way.
    Hey @WileECoyote care to share that phone number =) just joking, yeah I started running down the list with him and his eyes started to cross and face turn green

    The thing is I have built low voltage control systems (when the worst that can happen is a good face full of stinky smoke or a little gotcha jolt from an improperly handled board) but just don't feel comfortable messing with the AC side of things

    That being said, When I do buy my control panel and production tank.... I better not open that said box and see the same cheap @#$ control modules that are being sold on amazon installed in it or somebody will get more than a little earful from me.
  • Re: And we wonder why color matching is so difficult....

    Doesn't work on my wife.... I always knew she was an alien 
  • Re: Acetone - Lacquer thinner - Reducer....What the difference?

    @DeviousDips Yeah, and they don't need no polish remover to be so either
  • Re: Calcutta Outdoors Travel mugs and Coolers > Market Demand Question

    Whatever the case if the market is so flooded with el-cheapo its not worth the expense, time and effort The profit margin on these are about 34% for small orders and 45 % on bulk unaltered.
    P.S @MidOhioHydrographics @WileECoyote @studebaker ... Thanks for the input like I said honest feedback doesn't offend me, even negative feedback when applied to help me learn.
    I don't know what your first name is WileE, but I have a feeling that's why you took that avatar ... Always chasing that @#$@ road runner and finding yourself tied to a powder keg about to blowup, Relax brother I'm a listening