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Hello My name is Willie, I own a small retail business and in a passing interest starting dipping some personal items, when clients and friends found out they started asking me to do something of theirs. Right now I have explained to both that I am no where ready to do such a thing to property that belongs to someone else (clients) but I do have some good friends that have said they would be willing to be test subjects. I do like being creative and while its true I do not have a huge amount of upfront cash to invest into the project I have some of those same friends with a huge amount of talent and resources, Welders, Farmers. Electrician, Plumbers... All who has already requested a graphic be done in one form or another and all who has offered there own professional skills and resources to get me up and going


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  • Native American based graphic designes

    Its surprising but I have done what I think are fairly extensive searches and have not found any, Considering many of the animal skull dips are for decorating I would think there would be some of graphics based on the native American artwork and traditional designs, such as those used on the wicker baskets, blankets, and so on. Many of the designs had actual meaning and was part of the tribes language
    While not as pronounced or colorful as todays artwork its simplistic and geometric graphics would go well with these kind of decoration items, Here are some Cherokee examples (these are not my pictures)

  • Re: Vacumme Molding Machine

     True, but the idea of making stocks and guitar body might have some merit 

  • Re: Vacumme Molding Machine

    Brian said:
    Hi Guys,

    Do you think it will be advisable to build a small vacumme molding machine to do your own abs shapes? And who will be able to give some advice or plans to build one

    Thanking you in advance
    Check out RC plane and car forums both use vacuum molding and DIY for canopy and body shells it would be a good place for info 
    But for 1 per shell and the fact that you can paint and re-use I don't think it would be worth it unless you wanted to take it to the next level like shapes and size of guitars stocks etc 
  • Re: 16 gauge carbon steel tank build Question? 3 wide or 4 wide

    That depends on if you want to include my false start
    Right now I have 15 hours in the tank
    $100.00 in tools
    $750.00 in tank and materials 
  • Re: Why are people so dumb!?

    Start looking down (even in mindset) and it will soon start transmitting in body language, tonal reflex and the eyes, We are pack animals and do not need to vocalize our feelings and impressions of a person for them to pick up on it.

    I am a manufacturing engineer by trade (I improve processes and correct workflow ALL DAY LONG, and for fun I help teach at the remotes any process involved in this trade... to people with varying degrees of understanding. I have had to stop myself many times from the natural reaction to a question or when I see something that shouldn't be happening. That isn't easy... Sarcastic humor is the only way I get a second chance at helping that person. There is no way I can process some of these things fast enough, so instead I fire off a comment, and internally take a second to regroup. (Don't confuse those times where I just actually insult a person and don't WANT to actually help them). I am 42 years old, I had to practice this for a LONG time to get to be natural...
    I have a lot of experience with electronic logbook systems and did a lot of training with drivers who still used flip phones, some never even touched a computer.
    You talk about some doozies and 3am tech calls I can relate 100%
    Sometimes it takes a sense of humor not to do a Gibbs and smack them on the back of the head.
    Besides now that I have gotten used to your dry humor I think your kind of like moss on a tree just grows on ya after a while :tongue:  
    If you can laugh with them and not at them you've won the battle 
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