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Hello My name is Willie, I own a small retail business and in a passing interest starting dipping some personal items, when clients and friends found out they started asking me to do something of theirs. Right now I have explained to both that I am no where ready to do such a thing to property that belongs to someone else (clients) but I do have some good friends that have said they would be willing to be test subjects. I do like being creative and while its true I do not have a huge amount of upfront cash to invest into the project I have some of those same friends with a huge amount of talent and resources, Welders, Farmers. Electrician, Plumbers... All who has already requested a graphic be done in one form or another and all who has offered there own professional skills and resources to get me up and going


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  • Re: Control panels>> Electricion, VS Electrical Engineer My learning session Today

    P.S Guys, When you are selecting boxes and switches read up on NEMA Ratings, 1 through 3 is basically wall mount ratings from a simple light switch going up to outdoor water resistant.
    4 is direct water that is to say you could spray a water hose over the switch and still be safe Below is a PDF of the NEMA Rating system.

    Please Please PLEASE!!!!! be careful!!!
    Look I am not going to try and claim that I am an expert in this crap, I'm not but 15 years of driving a truck 8 of which I trained drivers to learn to watch out and look out for themselves and battling that a**hole called murphy and his freaking laws has taught me a very valuable lesson,...... We have enough dangers around us without making our own.
    Do not play Russian roulette with safety you will always loose
  • Re: Control panels>> Electricion, VS Electrical Engineer My learning session Today

    @DeviousDips here you go, This is what is called an air switch this means that the electric is not actually at the foot pedal instead when you push on the bulb the air pressure travels up the tube and activates the switch ........ no zappy zappy if the floor gets wet!!

  • Re: The tank I'm looking at


    I always liked watching youtube vids of the down-under truck trains, one of the things that comes to mind is the fact that you folks have a lot of cattle they got to drink right?
    There has been some DIY tanks made from 6, 8, and 10 foot stock tanks that looked really good and wasn't a huge investment, the nice part of doing something like that is that you can move your power equipment from something like this over to your upgraded Purpose tank later on if you find your so inclined.
    Another resource on the livestock side is the liquid mineral lick tubs. Many are fiberglass 4'x4'x2.5 this could make a good starter rinse station or a 4 foot dip tank.
    Many of the guys including the pro's use 1 piece bathtub/showers as rinse stations. Check your local lumber yards for any scratch/damaged sale you can get one pretty cheap that way.
    I have friends that lives on islands and other codependent regions and understand the cost of some goods due to the shipping issues.

    Speaking of Which, one of my suggestion is to check your backend cost for supplies, there has been a lot of comments about how hard it is to get some of the paints and activators and the prices of what they can get in Australia. There are some recipes on youtube by a guy that lives in Australia for activator because its so expensive to buy it where he is I have no idea how well it works or anything.

    All I am saying is to not focus so much on the tanks and other equipment that you forget about your consumables.
    Believe it or not its those consumables that will make or break your business!!! This is even more important when you live in a region that is so dependent on outside resources.

    As to these guys not wanting you to start your business, Nah that's not it at all they just want you to keep you doing so fully informed on this.

    TRUST ME if they didn't want to help others get started this site wouldn't be here open to anyone. And Jim (@K2Concepts) wouldn't spend a huge junk of his time and money making those YouTube Videos (Even IF!!! its a good excuse to " have one for the Haters =) " And WE ALL KNOW it isn't his good looks that keeps everyone watching

    I personally don't think there is anything wrong with the DIY tanks as long as its properly planned and built and from the feed back I have gotten building my own, no one else does either. The biggest issue with the DIY is the slap together electrocution or house fire waiting to happen DIY that has been posted. I would say the key elements of building your own tank is
    1. It is Safe both to you and anyone who has no knowledge of it and walks up to it to look at it. that is to say everything is properly enclosed as it should be, All your electrical work is done properly
    2. Is large enough to fulfil your needs
    3. Is able to keep water at the proper working temp
    4. able to hold dams, rails, and filtration
    5. Is able to stand up to the test of whatever production range you are going to put it through
    Other elements that you need to try to fulfill if possible in your build is
    • It presents itself in a professional appearance, take the time to enclose your tank, your customers doesn't need to know what you are using for a dip tank, what they need to see is a shop set up in a professional manor.
    • It can be torn down or modified (upgraded), or repaired as needed
    Hope this helps
  • Re: Deer skull turned out sweet lol

    @MidOhioHydrographics @Btimes3 , You can use the same idea on doing these skulls, like the center ridgeline will sometimes widen on you from boiling out your green skull. Or Btimes, if you really wanted to make that skull pop and extremely unique look at the missing nose notice how it has a butterfly or dragon wing pattern, there are different color fillers that you can use, run your center a dark fill or perhaps the reverse a silver or gold metallic fill of one type or another and alternate colors inside the "wings" the result a butterfly or dragon ... You have the makings of a tail running down the nose already
    Don't get me wrong it already looks awesome and you did a great job, just throwing an idea out
  • Re: Deer skull turned out sweet lol

    Sweet looks great. To bad the nose looks like it got burned off
    when we do woodworking we call that opportunity, A lot of the spalted wood will have voids and the like, We will use products like this

    and clear filler epoxy to build it up

    Search around and you can find a lot of information on how its done