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Hello My name is Willie, I own a small retail business and in a passing interest starting dipping some personal items, when clients and friends found out they started asking me to do something of theirs. Right now I have explained to both that I am no where ready to do such a thing to property that belongs to someone else (clients) but I do have some good friends that have said they would be willing to be test subjects. I do like being creative and while its true I do not have a huge amount of upfront cash to invest into the project I have some of those same friends with a huge amount of talent and resources, Welders, Farmers. Electrician, Plumbers... All who has already requested a graphic be done in one form or another and all who has offered there own professional skills and resources to get me up and going


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  • Re: Vacumme Molding Machine

    Brian said:
    Hi Guys,

    Do you think it will be advisable to build a small vacumme molding machine to do your own abs shapes? And who will be able to give some advice or plans to build one

    Thanking you in advance
    Check out RC plane and car forums both use vacuum molding and DIY for canopy and body shells it would be a good place for info 
    But for 1 per shell and the fact that you can paint and re-use I don't think it would be worth it unless you wanted to take it to the next level like shapes and size of guitars stocks etc 
  • Re: 16 gauge carbon steel tank build Question? 3 wide or 4 wide

    Inside of the tank is welded, will be welding the outside seam tomorrow, then adding the support bands and bracing
    @willie14228 That was more one of those "information for information sake" things. For other people reading this thread who may not think of that.
    Yeah, if a person has never been around welding they would be amazed at how quick you can be sun burned "arc burn" What is worse it is like the kind of sun burn you will get on a lake on a cool day, you don't feel it till you give a good slap at a bug......
    or jump under a nice "warm" shower head
  • Re: Pricing for a detailed dip

    4 screws take them apart then pull off 4 spade connectors. Not really much to it.
    until the customer gets one back that doesn't work for one reason or another and wants you to pay for it because you are the one that took it apart and put it back together again, which also most likely voids any warranty that was on the product.

    Those are Marine grade JTX Speakers and cost about $600 a piece retail, if you take them apart and they stop working because water leaked into the housing ..... Who do you think is going to catch the blame

  • Re: Total paint and Dip of a Big Dawg Chopper

    Unless your painting the the whole bike your never going to get a perfect match, even if you had the exact same paint because of fading, 
    If you have all the external parts you should be okay
    Thing is you have some pretty good edge cuts and breakout that's going to be hard to feather out. 
    Bad thing about feathering bikes is the lack of area. It's reasonably easy to feather a door panel on a car because of all the space you have to work with, 
    But 6 inches that I don't know 
  • Re: Will a Scuba Tank Work for spray gun?

    I've seen scuba tanks used for airbrush work but as said it takes a special regulator.
    I use them for my PCP air rifles.
    By the time you buy the equipment needed to use a tank for such a purpose you would have spent less for a good compressor 

    Glad your okay, ... be glad you didn't get a hold of a 4500 psi carbon fiber tank they really pack a wallop