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  • Re: Alice in Shroomland Pattern

    Wow, there is a lot going on there!
  • Re: Engine parts

    A turbo can get over 400 degrees
  • Re: Music For The Maiden Voyage

    I never understood those expensive car commercials this time of year. The wife goes out on Christmas morning and finds a new white Mercedes with a huge red bow in the driveway. (Notice its NEVER the husband getting a car) So they are telling me that handing my wife a $1000 car note for Christmas would be cool? I'd have to sleep with one eye open until Thanksgiving. You spend basically her money, since the money is pooled for bills, on a gift for her? You might as well have given her a few paid light bills as a stocking stuffer.
    Actually, if you're pooling your money, which if you're married is a given, then you would be giving her a new car for 1/2 price.
    But as a married couple, ALL the money is "ours". You think the wife will let you slide on contributing towards the house note because you bought her a car? A car is something you either need or you don't. If you need it, it's not a gift when the recipient is paying for it, whether or not you see it as "paying half". If you or your wife needs a new car and you buy it as a gift, it's not a gift. Unless you are so rich, you are normally spending $60k on each other.
    Ha, you must not be a car guy. Needing or not needing isn't even in the equation. Its all about want. Even people that aren't car people want.
    People swing huge car payments because they want a certain car, even though they only need a sub compact. Its the American way.

  • Re: Kryptek highlander

    I have never had a problem with them. Customer service is great. They once early on if I was interested in training or a tank and I said no. They never asked again.
  • Re: Anyone seen this pattern?

    Yeah, TWN has one sort of like that called Tiger Stripe digital camo.